Ikea Assembly Bjursta Dining Table, Lack Shelves, Expedit TV Unit

Ikea Bjursta Dining Table, Expedit TV Unit, Lack Shelves

Brandon, Dec 2011

Let me say up front, I hate installing Lack Shelves. They look very streamlined and modern, but they are only rated for 18 lbs on drywall or up to 42 lbs into studs. In other words, only put light stuff on them – definitely NOT bookshelf material.

This Bjursta Dining table is the square/rectangle version – quite large even without the extra 2 leaves that are included and hide inside the center of the table when not in use. Note in one of the pictures I point out some detail on assembling the rails to the table top. It’s not pointed out in the instructions but there is a right way and wrong way to attach it. Take note.

The Expedit TV Unit is about a 6′ x 6′ cube which can be mounted horizontally or on its end to act as a room divider. This makes more sense for the other expedit shelves – not sure how that’d look on this one with TV cables coming out the back side.

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