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Please note first off I am not an employee of IKEA nor affiliated or paid by them in any way. Quite some time ago the comment section on this entry has turned into an informal Q/A help desk of sorts.ย  Although I try to answer in a timely fashion, the notifications for new comments seem to keep ending up in my junk folder so sometimes it can be quite a while before I see and get to answering them. I never intended for this to be an informal help desk but I will continue to work at providing my advice on your questions when I am not out trying to make a living.ย  Maybe I should put up a virtual paypal ‘nickel jar’ for donations ๐Ÿ˜€


Whether you are buying a simple Malm Ikea bed or Hemnes, or something fancier like Oppdal, Brimnes, Mandal or Fjell drawer/storage beds, you NEED to buy SLATS for them.

Ignore, ridicule or laugh at the Ikea sales people if they tell you otherwise. Well, maybe just imagine doing that. (Shame on those Ikea employees who through their ignorance of ikea products or perhaps mean spiritedness advise some of my customers that they don’t need them.)

I don’t understand why Ikea thinks that you can get away with not using some sort of additional support on their beds besides the metal side rails and Skorva metal mid beam. Doesn’t matter if you have a boxspring either. I have witnessed what happens when people forgo them. There are plenty of other assemblers around the country that will back me up on this issue.

That said, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Besides your bed, you will need to buy a SKORVA metal midbeam support which is sold separately.I’ve had customers not have one of those because no one told them at the Ikea store that they need them.
  2. Your wooden slats that will keep your mattress and/or boxspring from falling off one of the side rails and damaging the frame (and drawers.)

WOODEN SLAT choices:

LADE – cheapest and ‘good enough’ flat pine boards. $40 for queen size.

LUROY – Nice, curved birch wood boards. $60 for queen size.

LAXBY – Sure, they look cool/ sound cool but only buy these if you are masochistic. They are expensive and I will charge $100 if I am feeling foolish enough to take them on as I did once. They take about 2 hours or so along with ย some of one’s sanity to assemble. ย Money would be much better spent on upgrading your mattress if you feel the urge.

Often times it’s just not very convenient to get Ikea slats after the fact.

Ikea custom fixes for not having your slats on hand would be plywood sheets cut to fit or 1×4 or 1×6 boards cut to fit across the frame.


  1. Thank you! This is very helpful. Ikea has NO information about what these swedish terms mean on the site. It’s very confusing. All you know is that there is a price difference between the 2.

  2. Hi,
    I am thinking of buying a BRUSALI bed frame. I was wondering what is your opinion about BRUSALI bed frame compared to MALM. Is Luroy or Lonset slat better for mattress only use without boxspring?

    1. Hi Allara,
      The Brusali bed frame is a newer item although the malm with drawers is fairly new desigfor that line. There isn’te much difference between them other than the malm has four drawers of the same size and the Brusali has short/long pairs.
      Lo set slats are renamed lax by slats by the looks of them- the website link for assembling is broken but I imagine it’s still a nightmare to it them together- refer to my commentary on those beasts. Short answer, I would go with the Luroys every time. Feedback from customers who’ve used the laxby’s said they didn’t think they were much better.

  3. Hi,

    Do you know if I can use the Luroy bed slats in Queen size (Article Number: 001.602.15) with the MALM Storage bed in Queen size (Article Number: 402.498.81)?

    1. Did you buy this used and it’s missing the slats? IF you are buying this new, the slats for the frame are already included. I am not for sure, but I bet the luroy slats would fit if a slat was broken. If they were too long, you could easily trim off a little on each end to fit. *ikea hack*

  4. Hi There,

    I just bought a Brusali bed frame and picked up the mid beam as well. I came home and assembled the bed only to find out that I was missing the metal cross brace (item # 177228). Now when I put the mattress on the bed it sinks on both the left and right side. Should the cross brace have come inside the packaging or is this sold separately? I was told two pick up the two boxes for the frame and the mid beam at the store…nothing else. I’m confused and frustrated!



    1. Hi – Ikea items that come in multiple boxes are individually numbered, 1, 2, 3 etc. However, they don’t label them as they should – like 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc… That would eliminate the amibguity of how many boxes make up an item.
      The Brusali bed is basically like every other Ikea bed. You have to buy a mid beam separately (along with wooden slats – a must even with a box spring – don’t believe what the misinformed employees might say otherwise.)
      It sounds like for some reason your bed was missing the metal side rails – each side takes 8 to 10 screws to hold in place. there are also 4 flimsy cross members that screw to the sides and ends with tiny machine screws for additional rigidity. Your bed frame needs these parts in order to work right.

      1. Hi there,

        I built the Brusali bed without slats. I have a box spring. Unfortunately, the cross members have broken – they are way too flimsy. Now, the right side of my footboard is coming undone because the the bed is pushing against the frame. Essentially, my box spring is resting on top of my underbed drawers. My bed is sagging. How can I get my bed back to normal again?

        Can I simply get rid of the cross-members and add slats on top of the midbeam? Or do I need to get new cross-members?

  5. On way to ikea, fir yes, the mid beam!! at last my bed will be complete!
    Not having meatballs!!
    Not having meatballs!!

  6. I am thinking about purchasing the Hemnes King-size bed from Ikea and plan on putting a Tempurpedic mattress and foundation on the bed. Which bedframe/slats would you recommend? Definitely would get the mid-beam ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You HAVE to get the mid-beam ๐Ÿ˜‰ As far as slats go, I would stick with the basics – which now are the leroy I believe as I think the LADE are now only available for children size beds. You could also fabricate your own using 1x4s or 1x6s if you are handy, although you might end up spending more than the $40 a set of leroy will cost you.

  7. Hi,

    I am going to get the Brusali to replace my old Dalselv. I’m staying with the same size, so do you happen to know if I need new slats, or can I just use the ones that I’ve been usingon my Dalselv. My bed is still in really good condition, I’m just changing the decor.

    Thanks so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. yes, slats are interchangeable across the beds… so long as you are going from a full to a full or a queen to a queen…etc

  8. Hey,
    im about to buy the Brusali bed frame (without storage) with the luroy slats. Is the mid-beam really necessary? beaucause i’m on a budget to be honest(i’m a student). I don’t count on jumping on the bed nor having rough sex on it.

    Thanks for this article, they really should explain the difference between the slats on their website.

    1. Yes, You HAVE to have a mid beam – the slats rest on it. The mid beam is only $10. I can’t tell you how many times people forgot to pick that part up making their bed useless until they got one. It doesn’t matter what kind of sex you have on it, things would go badly very fast.

      you might find this story amusing on why it’s a bad idea to skimp on the cheapest part of the bed….

    1. IF you buy it online, they throw in the $10 Skorva metal midbeam as part of the price. If you buy it in the store, you have to pay the extra. Also, the bed is going to have 2 or 3 boxes, then there’s the slats – there will be two piles of wood – one for each side of the bed, and of course, the metal midbeam is by itself and not in a box. So just take your time and make sure you have all the bits and you should be good.

  9. I just bought a king size mattress with box spring (2 twin size box springs) and I’m planning on buying the brimnes bed frame. Do I need to buy slats and which type, or since I basically have two independent box springs will they rest safely on the side rails and mid beam? I know I could just put the mattress on the slats, but I’m trying to keep the spring boxes for future use. Thanks

    1. No you will still want slats because the side rails are very thin and sooner or later the box springs will slip off one side most likely in the middle of the night when u are fast asleep.

  10. Hi there,

    Do you have any thoughts on the quality of the Trysil bed frame from IKEA? I can’t find any good reviews on it, and am considering buying it in the next month or two.


    1. Can’t say as I have never assembled one before. I would probably put soe stock in the reviews- at least the ones that are well written and seemingly honest.

      1. My son has the Trysil bed frame and we love the look of it, however the metal on the footboard legs has bent pushing the frame out of alignment, I cant find anywhere to fix it or buy a new part. Hes now sleeping on the mattress on the floor as I cant find the receipt to take it back. I would gladly pay for a new part as we love the frame. Dont know if its a faulty part.

        1. IKEA doesn’t usually have spare parts other than hardware That said if it has t been too long you might be able to exchange the bed for another. You’d have to check with ikeas return policy

  11. Hey!

    I’m buying the MALM High bed frame/4 storage boxes in white and i don’t know if i should pick lonset or luroy for the bed slats. A little help please!!

  12. What is your opinion on the FJELL Queen Size Bedframe with storage. My wife and purchased on and was successful with Box 1 and then we moved on Box 2 and gave up after two hours of fiddling with it and not getting it right? Have you worked on this bed?

  13. I’m a bit confused… do the ikea bedframes accept box springs? I am thinking about buying the brusali queen and toss a Simmons mattress with box spring. The guy at the store seemed not sure. Based on the reading above, I am definitely buying the mid beam… but the sales guy said that if I use just the mattress I need the slats, but if I have the box spring then I can skip the slats… please advise

    1. The ikea employees are morons. Well not really morons but they do NOT know their product which I blame the lack of proper training and pride in the company. Just showing up for a paycheck mentality.
      After seeing firsthand what happens when you don’t use slats, I recommend box spring or not, ALWAYS use slats because the metal side rails that ikea uses are too narrow and most box springs are of a width that allows it to slip off one side or the other- usually occurring in the middle of the night. If your box spring fits so tight that it just barely fits, then you probably don’t need slats, but you won’t know until after you built the bed so why be cheap on $40-60 slats? Just get them. If not, and ikea is a long way off you can always use 1×4 or 1×6 boards cut to fit in leu of slats.
      Always need to skorva mid beam too.

      1. The question I have related to this is – what does it LOOK like with the box springs and the shorter head board? Will it look ridiculous to stack a box spring and mattress with the headboard on BRUSALI?

        1. The sales people are telling you that the slats/midbeam aren’t necessary with a box spring, because they’re assuming your box spring will simply sit on the floor inside the “shell” of the frame. Which is fine, if you don’t want underbed storage and don’t mind your box spring being on the floor (and possibly seeing the box spring from the side / under the bed).

          If you want to get it up off the floor, you need the guts — side rails, midbeam, AND slats… you can set these high or low during assembly – go low if you’re including a box spring to save yourself an extra 2″ of height. You’ll have a really tall bed either way if you add the extra layer of a box spring with the bed’s support “guts”.

          1. Interesting they would come up with that rather odd explanation. But really no more ridiculous than the ikea directions thst show the slats as being optional yet still incorporating the skorva midbeam, side rails and cross straps for added rigidity.
            That is the first I have heard of that reasoning by an ikea employee and wonder if they weren’t just pranking you. A lot of box springs and mattresses wouldn’t even comeup over the side rails making the bed dangerous to knees and shins.

  14. Hi, I’m looking into buying the Brimnes queen size w storage…what is the actual difference between the lonset and luroy? Not to be crude but I need a stronger bed…for “exercise” lol Which is sturdier? Also, how long do each take to put together?

    1. Lonset has to be assembled. The Leroy do not. Both are similar sturdiness. If u r worried about the frame holding up to being used as a trampoline then you probably shouldn’t be buying an ikea anything. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Got this from a family member and have all the parts (including metal side rails and mid beam) except the 4 cross braces. Are these necessary or will the side rails, mid beam and slats be enough to support a mattress? Thanks

      1. Yes, but how about the 4 cross braces that go diagonally from the side rails to the mid beam. Are they needed for support?

        1. I found the cross braces are needed. I have purchased a used Ekeberg bed (for $20!) and it they are missing. Figure something has to be at that price. The sides then push out, slats then follow, the mattress & then me.
          Annoying having to fix it all.

          1. yup – no fun – the bed was a bargain – the slats will set you back double that – but there are other options – if you have some spare 2x4s or other wood you could use instead and cut to fit – or even a sheet of plywood cut to fit (but definitely want a center beam skorva for that hack)

  16. I bought the Malm bed frame without the slats or center rod because we already had a box spring. The box spring has stayed in place without slipping through thanks to the diagonal braces. But because there is no support underneath the box spring, the wooden structure of the box spring has broken simply from getting on and off the bed.

    Now we are forced to buy the slats anyway and throw our box spring away.

  17. Hello,

    I just bought a Morgedal foam mattress. The ikea website suggests that the Morgedal pairs well with the Leirsund slats. These are significantly more
    expensive at my store (120 vs 30 for Luroy). Is there any reason why I should go for the Leirsund? Do you think the choice of slats can reduce/extend the mattresses’ life? Or, the difference in slats will only just change a bit how the whole things feels. Thanks.

    1. Leroy are simple. No assembly required. Leirsund slats take time to put together but are supposed to offer more custom support – you’ll have to read reviews to see what people think of them. Neither will extend mattress life more than the other. Personally, I would just go with the Leroy for a lot of reasons. No assembly, cost, and the mattress should be comfy enough already..

  18. Same question as Greg. The screws provided for the diagonal braces are too thick to use on them. Will the side rails and mid dam be enough to support the slurpy slats?

  19. I have queen sized luroy slats but am thinking of downgrading to a full sized bed. Will the queen sized slats still fit a full sized frame? Thanks!

    1. you could but you would need to shorten the length of all of them evenly because both sides would need to partially rest on the midbeam. unless you are handy with a rip saw or table saw, it’ll probably be easier to just buy new slats

  20. What is your opinion about the LEIRSUND slatted base? I am considering buying an IKEA bed with storage – either the Malm or Brusali. Would this base work? Can I place a regular spring mattress on this (planning to reuse my old mattress from the previous bed)?

  21. You are awesome!

    Thank you for sharing this info! Ikea is super confusing with their beds and the employees never seem very sure so I really appreciate you sharing this info! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Hi,

    First of all thank you so much for all of the help it has saved our family tons of time and money.

    I recently purchased a MALM used and while it came with the middle support beam, it did not come with the diagonal support ones that extend from the headboard. Now even if it did come with those additional pieces, the part of the headboard they are supposed to connect does not have any extra holes or space to connect to. Should I be worried and invest in the additional support or is the middle beam + slats enough?

    Thank you!

    1. hmm… good question. the skinny cross beams are supposed to keep the bed frame square and not bulge the sides out. However, I imagine you could probably get away with not using them for a while, especially if there’s not a lot of weight on the bed. They each have 3 tiny machine screws – one attaches to a hole in the side rails, another on the metal piece that supports the mid beam and a 3rd goes into a hole on the metal strip about midways to maintain the tension of the strip.

      1. The metal piece that supports the mid beam on my unit’s headboard does not come with the extra metal holes to hold any skinny cross beams. It doesn’t look defective or anything just not made that way. Does that mean this is an older model that didn’t come with the cross beams?

  23. Just bought my own king size mattress and box springs (2 single box springs) and bed rails. I am looking to buy an Ikea headboard and footboard only as i have the bed rails already. i dont need slats then do i?

  24. I am looking to buy the Malm in Full Size with the 4 storage drawers and chosen Luroy as you suggested. Do I need to order the slats separately? Also, I have included the midbeam in my order as you suggested but do the instructions tell you how to install the bed with it if they don’t tell you to buy it in the first place? One more question….do you think I should go with a box spring or am I ok to forego it? Thank you so much!!

    1. The mid beam just drops in simple easy.
      Yes u new to order the slats as a separate purchase. Box spring is up to you take it or leave it.

  25. Hi. Currently have a King mattress and boxspring. Planning to buy a Malm High (including cross beam and slats — Luroy as you recommend) with the four drawers.
    Question is, should we keep our boxspring, or should we just get rid of it since it’s not required with the slats?
    i.e. will it complicate installation or look weird or cause other problems?
    โ‰ˆalso, in your opinion, is the Malm King a sturdy, well-made piece of furniture?

    1. Box spring -keep it if you like a really high bed otherwise dump it. I can’t really say any of ikea’s stuff is truly durable well made as I am more of a traditionalist preferring solid hardwoods over cheap veneer and particle board throw away furniture that appeals to our modern day throw away mentality.

  26. Hi I am thinking about buying the Brimnes bed with storage. I already have a full size mattress that is too comfortable to part with, do you know if any mattress will fit into the bed or does it have to be an Ikea mattress? Also I am not sure whether to get the Luroy on Lonset slats, the Lonset are more expensive.

    Thanks so much!!

  27. Hi! I am thinking about ordering the Brimnes bed with storage and I want to make sure the mattress I already have will fit or does it have to be an Ikea mattress? Also, should I get the Luroy or Lonset slats? the Lonset slats are more expensive but it doesn’t explain the difference between the two anywhere.

    Thanks so much!

  28. Hi There! Just wanted to let you know that your replies are truly useful. Question, I will be purchasing a King size Hemnes tomorrow. I looked at other reviews on Youtube about this bed and I see that all lot of these beds broke in 2012. The ones Ikea are selling now, are they newer models? Where they recalled and changed for 2015? If so what have they changed? I purchased a King size mattress and box spring, I will be getting the slats and beam.
    Thank you for your useful insight! On a side note Ikea sales people really don’t know their product. They recommended that I didn’t get the slats:)

    1. I haven’t heard that about the hemnes beds. Considering they seem to use ‘real wood’ I can only imagine it was caused by poor quality kiln dried wood that most all manufacturers use these days. Wood today isn’t your grandpa’s wood.
      And yes, I have noticed that at least at the ikeas I have been to (in the US) the majority of employees seem to just be seat warmers showing up for a paycheck and have no solid knowledge of the company’s products. Stock tip – if Ikea was a public company, I would sell.

  29. Hi, I’m looking at purchasing the Brusali bed frame, with the Luroy and the mid beam for it, but I’m worried my existing mattress will not fit in it, its a Beautyrest Recharge Plus Alayna Luxury Firm. Ikeas website says it fits mattress 79 1/2 by 59 7/8, according to the size of my mattress its 80×60. Will this be a major problem? A friend is giving me a hard time saying it will be, but I doubt it.

    1. i would guess that it isn’t going to be a problem, mattresses are not rigid so even if the dimensions were exactly that on both the mattress and inner measurements of the bed frame, it’d still wedge in there without much effort.

  30. Hello,
    I would just like to say that your replies have been so helpful! I recently bought a bed (BRIMNES with storage) but I was not told when purchasing that I needed a slatted bed base. So now I’m going to order the Luroys slats but the ikea in the Netherlands do not have a queensized slatt available. My bed is 140×200 cm and I was told I should get two slatts (70×200 cm). I don;t have much options considering its either 90x200cm slatts or the 70X200 cm. Is it possible to combine 2 parts together?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Actually that is how the slats come. You
      Get the 70s as a pair and they are placed one set per side and butt against each other. The Skorva mid beam supports the slats in the middle

  31. Carter thanks for this information. Just bought a twin Tarva. We wanted the Lonset slats but they were out is stock. We planned to go back for them next wee but thanks to you we are going with the Luroy instead. By the way, I was worried about the slats falling out due to the frame bowing out with weight, but now they come with two metal cross beams.

  32. Was going to buy the brusali or brimmes queen bed and using our own slates and matress. Do we need anything else other than the bed frame?

  33. Hi everyone –this is so helpful, thank you! We are thinking of the Hemnes king with mid beam and Luroy slats. Our mattress is tempurpedic and heavy. Anyone know how much weight the Hemnes frame + mid beam + Luroy will bear?

    1. It probably should be ok,especially if the people sleeping on it aren’t extremely heavy. There might be a spec listing on the item description for the bed. Considering they are all using the same hardware,this should apply to any ikea bed. My guess is it should be just fine.

  34. This is a bit off-topic, but I just bought a used twin-size Brimnes bed off craigslist and apparently some pieces are missing (grrr…). I don’t know what the heck you’d call the pieces- they’re like two metal bracket things that go between the long metal rail (whose shape is reminiscent of a cheap curtain rod) and a screw. Their item # is 130485 on the assembly instructions if that helps :p. My husband is about to divorce me over assembling this darn thing and before we get too carried away with it I’m trying to find out if those pieces are vital and if so do you know of any way to get replacement parts or of something else we could use in their place? We’re on a very tight budget and not the handiest of folks so any words of wisdom would be much appreciated! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes those brackets and the two,screws that hold each of those the headboard and footboard are indeed critical to supporting the skorva midbeam switch is also critical to the bed frames integrity. You should be able to get those pieces at your local ikea-assuming there is one near you. Another possibility that jst came to me is,aye someone has those parts on eBay. Might try there.

      Here’s anther site for parts

      1. Lol, not what I was hoping to hear , but thanks so much for your reply! Well, the closest IKEA is 2 hours away and I checked that site and of course they don’t seem to have them… :/ I messaged the people who sold it to us and am really hoping they will find the pieces or be willing to take the bed back (I’m thinking both of those options are a long shot though ๐Ÿ™ )

  35. Hi,
    I am heading to KIEA tonight after work to pick up a Brimnes Full bed frame with storage drawers – getting the Luroy slats and the Skorva midbrace, (based on your writings) – It is for my 15 yr old daughter. We have a full size tempurpedic/hybrid (has some coils)mattress bot no foundation – Will this work? I hate to but foundation if not necessary.


  36. Hi,
    Would you happen to know the difference between the Brimnes and Brusali beds? I’m looking to get either one in the full size and can’t seem to find measurements of the drawers and actual height of the beds. I like regular height bed frames, not the low ones on the marker today.
    Quality wise, is one over the other better?

  37. Hi,
    Sales lady sold me a malm king with drawers. Also, a Skorva, sultan aram 1/2 king box springs, and the Sultan Hultsvik mattress. Holy cow it is so high Ii feel like I was misinformed, and sold a bed that is ridiculously too high. The headboard barely shows and I have to jump to get in bed, and my 3 lb chihuahua can’t get up or down…
    Will the luroy do?
    Or was I supposed to screw the support into the lower holes (I think there were lower holes?)
    I really hope ikea picks the box springs up at no charge.

    1. changing the slats won’t make a difference in the height but attaching the midbeam and rails on the lower holes will drop it about 2 inches. IF you don’t like the bed so high (most people don’t) you really didn’t want the box springs – you’d think the lady was working on commission (which they aren’t) more likely just more bad sales training/lack of product knowledge

  38. Hi! I’m currently building my BRIMNES bed frame with storage but it seems like the drawers are a little… Off. It slides smoothly but I feel like one side doesn’t fully hit the end of the rail and slightly sticks out on one side. Is it just me or is this normal for a BRIMNES bed frame? Also what are the slays secured by? It just seems like these plastic screws go in between the slats but nothing else. Will they fall or something when I sleeping?

    1. Slats just lay on top. The plastic pegs just keep stretched out.
      I have found the brimnes drwaers tend to do that if everything isnt exactly true and square…both the frame and the drawers..sometimes it just doesnt seem to matter what you do. You could also use a level to see if the floor is level or lower in one area where the bed is on. That could also cause drawers to want to slide out a little

    2. That happens sometimes- floor may be uneven, but I have noticed this myself sometimes – that or one or more drawers don’t seem to want to stay completely shut. I chalk it up to tolerances being to loose in the design.

  39. Just purchased the Malm. Two questions: can you forgo the headboard or will it impact the stability of the bed? If I’m using a box spring, will I be able to use the under storage drawers?

  40. Hi,

    I am going to buy the ikea OPPLAND bed frame, do you know if its a good bed? and can I use my box spring on the luroy bed slate that comes with the bed? I really want to keep using my box spring. if I use it would the bed feel any different?

    1. Can’t say to the quality- that’s subjective to the individual. You can use your boxspring. It may make your bed a little higher than u r used to.

  41. I just purchased a Fjell King Sized bed. Forget the hours putting it together…next time I pay the Ikea-ites. One question – slats again. Ikea rep said the luroy slats only work with Ikea mattresses; other brands require the lonset (more $$ of course). What’s your take?

    1. As usual, ikea workers act like they work on commission as they are clueless on their products. Much like their website that has the most worthless search algorithm around. Any slats are fine. Heck you could even use 1x 6 boards cut to fit or sheets of plywood if you had some lying around.

  42. Hi! Will the slats that came with my Stora loft bed fit the same size Brimnes storage bed? I never tacked them down with the pegs, so I’m hoping I can just take them when I move and use them on the new bed.

    Thanks so much for your advice!

  43. Yes thank you for this info. I’m thinking of buying the Brimnes platform bed and I have bunk bed mattress – very uncomfortable, but we can afford. Would this mattress work on top of the frame?

    Thank you,

    1. I am not sure what you mean. I imagine any mattress that fits will work on any ikea bed frame of similar size. If you have a queen bed frame and put a single or double mattress on it, sure, it will fit, but it will slide around as the frame is too big for teh mattress.

  44. Hi there! My husband and I bought a MALM bed frame two years ago without the slats because we were told they were unneeded with a box spring. Recently we have noticed that one side of the bed makes tons of noise and sinks down a few inches when you get on the mattress. We pulled up our mattress and box spring and sure enough, the thin diagonal support beams coming from the center beam had become completely warped by the weight of the bed and bent downwards. My husband was able to bend them up but I’m very worried about the strength of the bed. I looked online and they do not offer the beams I am talking about for sale, so we will not be able to replace them. The nearest IKEA is 2 hours away, so before we go all the way there to buy the slats, is the frame salvageable even with the bent support rods? Thank you!

    1. If there was no damage to the bed frame and you were able to straighten the crossbeam supports fine then you are good. IKEA is a moron for not recommending slats even with a box spring. I don’t know why they do this. Get slats on there as soon as possible – if you have nothing under your bed you can remove the center beam and cross members and just lay the box spring flat on
      The floor inside the frame until you get the slats just so you don’t have the metal cross pieces end up getting bent again.
      When it isn’t convenient for people to get slats from IKEA I recommend a hack where you just buy 1×4 or 1×6 pine boards at the hardware store and cut to fit- that is if you are at all handy with simple wood working.

  45. These are so interesting and helpful. However, I would prefer to purchase the FJell bed from another company instead of ikea. Is that possible??? Could you please let me know how to proceed! I have talked to them, but they are so hard to deal with and so full of misinformation. As you already know. Help! Thank you Sally

  46. Hi, I am going to Ikea in less then 14 hours lol and I was wondering if I should buy the Lurรถy or the Lรถnset? I want the white bed metal frame (Leirvik). I don’t know if one will last longer, without the matress to ‘slope’ in the middle or on a side? And which one would make it more comfortable? Lol. I know… these are just slats. Thanks!

      1. Oh, I haven’t seen you wrote me back. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks. So the Lonset isn’t a pain like the laxby then? Because my husband is at the store right now.. and doesn’t know yet the one to pick. Our mattress seems to have polyurethane and springs in it. My hips are sensitive when it is too hard loll I feel like I’m getting so old when I think about it! ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Sorry didn’t see the right away. Didn’t know the still made the laxby – those are a pan in the ass to assemble. I wouldn’t spend the extra money on them.

  47. We are about to purchase a queen sized FJELL bed. Do you happen to know how far off the ground the first/lowest level for the slatted bed base is? We are trying to determine how high off the ground our mattress and box spring will be sitting on top of the slatted bed base with this bed frame. We really don’t want to throw out our box spring but don’t want our bed to be ridiculously high either. Thoughts?

    1. Not sure exactly but the two options for height on
      Most ikea bed frames are only about 2-3″ difference. As far as height from floor I am not sure but often people find that a thick mattress and tall box spring is too high for their tastes.

  48. Hi Carter, no I don’t think they still sell the laxby. It is just that I was afraid the Lรถnset would be as difficult to assemble as the Laxby, because you also have to assemble it slat by slat. But I think my husband took this one anyway, because it showed a bit more flexibility when pushing on the slates. Although we always chose firmness over softness for a matress, the matress I was given is VERY firm, and a bit on the hard side lol. So I thought it might help! I will keep in touch in a few months to let you know what we think about it… Thanks again for everything!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. We purchased ikea king size malm bed,jus 1week before,half of the bed is good and other half making too much noise,sneaky sound, we called ikea they told exchange,bed frame is Good,I think slats are the problem,plz suggest some me what to do

    1. I would switch slats and see if the noise transfers with it. If not then check all screws and nuts for tightness

  50. Would you happen to have any opinions on the stability of my setup?

    I have the Hemnes queen bed frame with the mid-beam but don’t have Ikea slats, since I have my own slatted foundation (I vaguely remember reading from somewhere that the Ikea slats wouldn’t be necessary if I had my own). I did have challenges keeping the foundation stable since it was slightly smaller than the frame, so I just measured the difference and bought 4 footlong plywood sticks with the right measurement to stick on each corner of the bed, which centered the foundation in the frame and prevented shifting.

    That setup has worked for me for 4 years, but I am now looking to upgrade my 8″ latex mattress to a much heavier 12″ one, so I’m now rethinking my plywood stick solution and wondering if I should to add the Ikea slats to offer more support. Since the foundation is smaller, it’s only partially on the side rails (and I’m guessing most of the support is on the mid-beam). Any thoughts?

  51. Hi there.. Stumbled upon your page and wondered why haven’t I found it sooner.. So the case is I’ve bought BRIMNES king size and a simmon mattress (rather thick one, 42cm to be exact).. After a consult with the ikea guy (who said that both Luroy and Longset are pretty much similar) we decided to buy lonset for the side beam which seem sturdy enough to support our mattress.
    And the nightmare begins after we assembled and put the mattress on top of Lonset. The mattress ‘stacked’ so high that my wife needs to used something to climb over to bed. Mind that we installed the brimnes in its lowest height setting.
    After a few mods, we decided that lonset is the one causing the height problem (its 10cm/4′ thick). And we decide to let the rubber bolts supporting the lonset go.
    My question is should we buy luroy to replace the lonset or we could have opted to use plywoods (whish is less thick maybe an inch) to act as bed slats?
    Any thoughts?

    1. I would not have gone with the fancier lonset as a good mattress doesn’t need them and a box spring totally negates the lonset features. See if u can exchange them for the Leroy or $ back. If u want to go with plywood make sure it is cut as precise as possible so you don’t have a scare one night when one side slips off the rails because it was cut just a little too narrow.

  52. Hi, I am looking to buy the trysil bed frame and buy a mattress from a separate store but I want to make sure that my bed frame will support the weight of my new bed. I am going with the luroy slats and my new mattress weight would be 73.5lbs a 10 inch memory foam bed. Would this be okay?

  53. Hi,

    I’m looking to buy the FJell queen. What slated base should I get Luroy or Lonsett and is this the kind of bed that is easy taken apart for moving? Or are there just to many pieces to worry about ?



    1. all ikea beds are about the same when it comes to disassembling – you don’t necessarily have to tear it completely down, but make sure you put all the loose hardware in a container or baggie so you don’t loose parts… i’d go with the luroy as they don’t require assembly

  54. Hi i bought a bed with a drawer but one of them broke and i kinda need help ๐Ÿ™ as you can see one of the circle stuff broke now its half a circle idk whats it called or where i can get it!

    1. it’s called a cam – you can get a replacement at customer service counter at ikea or possibly find something similar at a hardware store in the loose hardware isle

  55. I am thinking of buying the Luroy slatted base to use on a NON-ikea bed (twin size, wooden frame) in lieu of a boxspring so that the bed will be lower for my 4 year old. (She will be moving out of a toddler bed). Will the Ikea slats fit in a non-Ikea frame? The support along the inside edge of the bedframe where the boxspring would have sat is made of wood…would you recommend I drill holes in it and place something like short dowel pieces snugly in the holes on each end, so that the ikea slats stay in place? (sort of like how the Ikea frames have plastic peices that hold the slats in place on each end?).

    1. I don’t see why they wouldn’t fit as bed dimensions are pretty standard. You could do the dowel thing- test fit first. Or you could also drill pilot holes though the slats on each side on the end slats and at least one midways. Then once the slats are laid down how you want them use a 1-1 1/2″ wood screw to secure them to the frame and that’ll keep them from sliding around

      1. Yeah that sounds like a good plan – I will do some measuring first to a make sure they would fit. I’ve read in some places that Ikea beds aren’t always standard measurements but I will measure to be sure. The wood screws may be a good option if I find they are not staying in place. Thanks!

  56. Hi, thanks for this site! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am planning to buy the Malm High Bed 4 Drawer Storage, and putting in plyboard for a base, with an 11″ sleep number bed. Any experience?

    Do you know the depth of low rail setting to footboard height of 15″? And also the depth of high rail setting?
    I’m trying to determine how high the 11″ mattress will rise above, on the low and high positions of setting up the bed.

    Thanks very much!!

    1. There is only a few inches difference between the low and high rail attachments. Considering the height of your mattress I would go with the lower. Also since you are going with a drop in plywood base support you will want to go with 1/2″ or 3/4. Anything thinner will say and probably crack unless you reinforced it from below with makeshift ‘leg supports’. Also want to get the side cuts as close as possible so it doesn’t slip off one side of the rails one night.

  57. Hi.First off great review! While we were lucky enough to have a more informed employee assist us, we would have never thought, or known to buy these additional pieces on our own. We’ve just purchased a Brimnes frame with the Luroy slates, and Skorva beam. While we don’t plan on using a boxspring, I’m wondering if this will be enough support to prevent any damage I.e cracks or pressure on the drawers?

    1. Yes the slats should be enuf to avoid damaging or sagging into drawers unless there is a LOT of weight on the bed but then likely the slats would snap.

  58. Wow, what a generous and helpful website I’ve stumbled upon! Thank you in advance!

    My question is a bit different from the norm. When I finish my explanation, I’ll be asking: Could I put a Lonset bed base on top of a metal bed-frame

    (surrounded by a higher wood bed-frame).

    I recently bought a 10″ queen latex mattress. All the latex mattress manufacturers say to put them on wood slats that have gaps no larger than 3″. There are lots of slatted bed frames out there, very few of which have gaps that small, especially if you want space underneath and don’t want to pay a fortune. (I don’t like the looks of Ikea’s offerings.)

    So my solution is to buy the “Stella Metal Platform Bed Frame – Thick and Wide Slats” or the “Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame T-3000” from Amazon, and to put the Lonset bed base on top of it.

    Around this “central supporting frame,” I will put my all-hardwood bed frame, which is very stable with just the four sides connected and the crossbeams and crossbeam supports removed. Because the Lonset (unlike the Luroy) seems to have a frame, it looks to me like it could just sit on top of the metal frame, and that it would be kept from sliding off by the surrounding hardwood frame. (I’ve never actually seen a Lonset or a Luroy.) (BTW, the Olee frame is 80″ x 60″ and the Stella frame is 81″ x 61″.)

    This seems like a great solution to me. Am I missing some important point or misunderstanding the Lonset frame? In other words: Should my “solution” work? Thanks very, very much for attending to this question.

  59. Hello! I had a question regarding the Ikea Hemnes bedframe. I like the frame itself but really do not care for the wooden slats. Do you think that I could drop in a freestanding metal bedframe/mattress foundation? Not sure how well the Hemnes bedframe would hold up without the added support of the middle braces. Thanks in advance!

  60. I am having trouble with the huge difference of firmness on the Hemnes with Lonset. Why is it so hard? The slats are two different colors with what looks like a bit more flex at one end. If I turn the planks of Lonset will it give a bit more like my boxspring? Had to out box on last night as it got too late to assemble Lonset. Felt great but break a leg getting out of bed at night! So the question: does variegated coloring mean the Lonset will have a bit of give?

    1. I can’t speak from personal experience – your issue is one reason why I don’t recommend them and sticking with a more uniform basic and cheaper slat.

  61. Hi there!

    kind of a urgent question here.
    We bought a double bed MALT with LONSET slats. But the long strip loading the slat together is missing in one box (2 boxs of LONSET slats because doube bed).

    Can we still built it without ??

    Thank you so much

  62. Hi There,

    I am missing the screws and stoppers that are required to help keep the Luroy slats from moving. Can i buy these separately at IKEA or can I use something else.


    1. ikea should be able to provide those parts at the customer service desk if you go in person. Online i am not sure – seems like that would be a smart thing for ikea or a 3rd party to offer spare hardware

  63. Ok Carter so if I order the MALM Luroy model on line, how can I make sure the Skorva mid beam is included? I have box spring and mattress to put on these. Should be strong enough, right?

  64. Hi!
    i have a quick question. I’m torn between the Leirvik because I’ve always wanted an iron bed and Tyssedal bed frame because it feels cozy. My question is, which one (in your infinite IKEA knowledge) would be a better investment as far as longevity and squeakiness

  65. Hi
    We bought a brimnes bed frame with storage but m stuck on step 6 where we have to make a cross with the panels.we tried all possible ways.The screws are not getting locked on both sides.I don’t know if it is a manufacturing issue or surface.We were able to assemble all other furniture easily. Do you have any idea whether its a common problem or can be a issue with the pieces.

    1. i wouldn’t be able to tell what the issue is without seeing it. I have done several of those and so far haven’t run into assembly problems

  66. Hi! Do you know if the Hemnes under bed storage boxes will fit in a Malm bed frame? We have a Hemnes bed and drawers but I don’t like how high the frame is at the foot of the bed, so I’d like to buy a Malm frame, which appears to be lower, but I want to avoid buying the drawers again… Thank you!

    1. not sure – did you check the ikea website for product details? they should list all the dimensions of things including the height of the drawers.

  67. Hi, I’m thinking of getting a MALM bed frame (140 x 200 cm). I already have a slatted bed base I bought ages ago when they used to be a single 140 x 200 cm piece, instead of two 70 x 200 cm pieces. Do you know if I’d still need a midbeam? As in, is it required for the general stability of the bed frame or just to support the slats when you have the two 70 cm wide ones?
    BTW I’m in Europe that’s the reason for the sizes.

    1. definitely want the midbeam either way – the slats would end up bowing in the middle without the extra center support – unless you like the hammock feeling

  68. Hi,
    What is your opinion on the MALM high bed frame with drawers? I am a heavier woman, with a heavier partner and a dog who doesn’t have any concept of personal space. With all of that in mind, I worry whether Ikea “wood” frames are sturdy enough? I love this style of bed, because I need storage.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. I would think it should be able to hold the weight. Make sure all the screws/cams are tight. You would think they would have weight capacity specs on their furniture – other manufacturers do

  69. Wow, I love the internet! Hopefully, you can help me out as you have done with everyone above. First, a little history… My adult daughter has a full size sleep number bed with the matching foundation which serves as the “boxspring”. It is currently connected to a headboard; however, she has so much trouble with the mattress “sliding” on the foundation. My husband and I have a king size sleep number bed that we use in an Ethan Allan bed with a headboard and footboard and have never had that slippage problem, so feel that having a footboard may solve her problem as well. Our bed sits on multiple heavy duty slats of the bed. We are considering the Ikea Hemnes Bed frame with the Luroy slats and the Skorva bar. But still feel we need to use the sleep number foundation since it is suggested on the sleep number website, unless you are using a solid platform bed. Will this work, or will she end up needing a ladder to climb into the bed? Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks in advance
    We have

    1. I had a sleep number bed – hated it. i only had it on a regular metal bed frame and never had sliding issues with the foundation and mattress – just the hammock issue.
      probably want to stick with the foundation, but if height is an issue then instead of getting the slats, get the skorva beam, but then get 2 sheets of 9/16 or 3/4″ plywood and cut them to size to fit the bed frame. That would make your ikea bed a ‘platform’ bed by design and then you can ditch the sleep number base.

  70. I am looking at purchasing the NORDLI bed, which I would like to put a boxspring and mattress on. I like tall beds. I am worried that the boxspring will be slippy on it, as it has no sides. What does everyone think? I would be purchasing a queen, as I already have a queen boxspring and mattress.

    1. can’t think of what they’re called, but you could try using those sticky mats – kind of like those foam drawer liners that are not exactly sticky, but grippy.

  71. Quick question. Based on the design of the Malm, does anyone have any clever ideas to convert it from a full to a queen? We are looking to upgrade to a queen size mattress but keep using our full size Malm. Thanks!

    1. the head board and foot board are too narrow – not sure of a proper way to expand them and make them look decent…. also the slats will be too narrow for the queen – mabe check your local CL for someone getting rid of their malm if you are looking to save a few $

  72. Hi, I was wondering about the cross beams for the high Malm bed from ikea. Are they truly necessary? I have the side rails, mid beam, and slats already there. Seems like every time I lay down the cross beams squeak. I have a metal bed frame in my other home and do not use the cross beams. How likely is it that the Malm bed frame will buldge without the cross beams? Or how can I make them more sturdy?

    1. the flimsy cross beams do serve a purpose of keeping the bed frame more or less squared, but if you are experiencing excessive squeaking you might need to take the mattress off and make sure the 3 tiny screws on each support are completely tight- if they are loose at all that’s probably where the sound is coming from/

  73. THANK YOU! Needed to know the name of the LAXBY slats and was searching for an hour on trying to figure it out and found your page.

  74. Hi Carter! I’m pretty sure you haven’t answered this question yet–do all three types of currently available Ikea slatted bed bases (Luroy, Lonset, and Leirsund) require support from a midbeam if installed on a non-ikea bed frame? We have a bed frame from Wayfair, which has side rails to support slats, but not a center beam to support slats. We like the upward bend of the ikea slats more than the non-bouncy Wayfair slats, but don’t know if we would have to figure out how to install a Skorva midbeam on our Wayfair bed in order to install any of the three Ikea slats. It looks to me that the Luroy absolutely requires the midbeam, and possibly also the Lonset and Leirsund. Thanks for your advice!

    1. unless you have a single bed and not a double/queen or king size, the slats come in sets of 2 so you need some sort of center support that’s at the same height as the side rails.

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